Or not


  • Maud on 2017-Apr-27 04:16:54 Maud said

    Hi Sweetie , Of course we will pray specifically for your eyebrows if you want us to . If I receebercorrmmtly the first time you had cancer your team mates all shaved their heads in anticaption of youlosing your hair but you never did ! Ha Ha ! Well now I am sure Bailey will kiss your baled headand so will all your loved ones. Besides you will look like one of those Olympic swimmers whoshave off all hair . Your beautiful eyes will just shine more for Jesus. Love, Nanny
  • Kerriann on 2017-Apr-27 10:12:16 Kerriann said

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  • Snowy on 2017-Apr-30 19:40:02 Snowy said

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